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Web 3.0 purposes


web 3.0 spider web
Unstoppable the idea behind  Web 3.0 is to make things more secure for your data wise such as Big firms like Google,Apple,Microsoft,Facebook know everything you do more less online or in real life buy them always buying your data or getting it one way or another overall.

This has resulted in many people being worried about what data firms hold on them for why the idea behind Web 3.0 came up so now your data is secure and controlled purely by you plus it's on the Blockchain so no one can shutdown your ideas or services overall.

A Tradional Doman where you provide DNS to make it run means you can be found by your name or email address or address meaning it's mot secure and also you have to keep paying like rent cost every year if you just own one domain not much of a problem but when you start to own 10 or more domains the costs can rocket up fast so the idea behind Crypto or web 3.0 just requiring you pay once for like $20 to $50 is very reasonable to me such as firms likes Godaddy charge anywhere renew cost of like $10 to like $2000 even on cheap domains value value.

When you buy your own domain from this firm of Unstoppable this will allow you to make a business brand if you want that or to own a domain which you could sell for big money in the future as well or simply a way to allow you to make secure payments easier without you having to use your debit or credit card which can be used to work out who  you are which is not secure but this firm allows you to do it secure though cryptos like Metafox or other payment forms which are all very secure which is a very thing to have from a website domain seller to me  


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