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FTX Scam information

 Son of two rich boomer parents who clearly never taught the kid any business sense or how not to be a scammer. Here is how it played out he setup like a fake version of Binary to try and get people to buy their worthless shitcoin for anything as such he got less intelligent people to buy things forcing people to lose a lot of money. He also supported Biden president project with a lot of money plus a lot of other things but ironically they never made enough money to cover anything of the things bought. You had a group of super scammer dumb immature kids trying to adult work such as the founder's girlfriend seems to me to have the mind of child but she was meant to be chairwoman which she admitted they do fraud which  I found pretty funny but she was within the kid for having sex with the rich kid   . You had guy who had no idea what he was doing or anyone else if you have a range of adults with the mind of a child trying to create a bank or crypto it will often fail. Sam Fried Ban

Chinese Scammers

  A lot of people don't know about how poor Chinese people are over the Real Estate scams or other ones going  on this means more and Chinese women or men will setup online profile fake pretty women  who pretend to be attractive they will say something like this " I will teach you about how to earn more by joining my crypto scam " if the man does not understand crypto he could invest anywhere from like $500 to like $100,000 into her fake scam so now he lost all the money can he now get the money back it  goes to court since she's pretending since no less no laws or banks have any protection into  place to deal with normally women doing the scams. Can the men fight this court and win probably not unless they pay over like $10,000 to like $100,000 so for men winning it's probably not worth going to court so women win in court and men lose money which could had took them anywhere from 10 to

What type of intellectual property rights are associated with NFTs and Cryptos?

2. Who owns what IP rights when an investor acquire NFTs and Cryptos? 3. What rights do investors actually acquire when buying NFTs and Cryptos? 4. What rights can be passed on to secondary buyers / beneficiaries / successors?   In general no laws exist in regards to crypto or NFT since it’s still new tech as a whole  NFT as well under the current things going value as a whole are more less gone over it being shown to be mostly a get rich schem for example Logon Paul lost most of his money from it and also as well he was shown had copied other people images then sold it as NFT as well. A lot of so called NFT are just hyperlinks and not on Blockchain as many people claim for example a programmer this year coped all all the NFT in the world before to prove they have as a whole no value also as well even if the NFT were on the so called Blockchain if it stops working then all your money gone basically. All you get for prove for IP is just at best document which claims you own when if this

NFT Future?

 I always surprised how many people were dumb enough to invest into something which a lot of it was just resold Fiverr images where they were bought for like $5 to max of $100 then resold for like $1000 or more it always sounds stupid to me for something you can easy copy and paste then you own it even the science b behind it over it being on the blockchain was proved by a expert not to be true in a lot of cases you are just buying a hyperlink at best meaning if someone deletes this or turns of there server you have nothing left a basically worth graphic with a lot of the NFT being sold by Logan Poll just being images he stole from people for some of the stuff I caught the stupid blonde selling some of the time. NFT sound cool in reality they are a scam at best or  get rich quick scheme at best if you want into the future then buy and sell into Crypto real stable coins like say Bitcoin or possible  Apecoin among other possible future stable coins or go with ETH which is priced quite de

Safemoon Review

 Let's do some basic research into this firm or main guy before this guy became like founder or owner of the firm he used to live in van for free because he could not afford his own flat or house that alone should raise a bit of alarm bells since Crypto success people normally start with at least like $1million and him going from poverty to so many millions in like 2 months makes no sense. His parents came from a family with lots of business in Gambia that alone sounds a bit risky to me and he had business or connections himself there which seems to be a big part of where his family money came from. He also inflated the value to make it more attractive than it is for why it's under Class action lawsuit at the moment  by failing to register token which they never did . Celebrities who promoted it are facing legal trouble.

Crypto bots

 Are these a good or bad idea? The good parts first of all include it can allow you to buy and sell crypto automatic meaning instead of you reading the data every day of the week to watch what's going on the bot should be sent if coded right the data into it so it makes the right buying or selling decision as much as possible for example if the crypto you buy at $20 that means if it goes down to $15 it should not sell it but if it goes up to like $25 then it could sell it  for you then when it does down ahead it rebuys some then resell it when it gets higher again The idea of this is to allow people money buy just using bot which does all the work for you and so you don't have to pay someone a lot of money to manage it all for you plus your bot can't go to sleep meaning it is will not after 16 hours work need to sleep it can work 24/7 for why these became popular in some places so far.

Fake Gurus

 Some good  ways to identify a fake guru? I found a once in lifetime crypto This has made me millions Discover my secrect want to get rich today? Learn from a pro Guy looks like a virgin or a child Shows you a fake chart or data Many of the fake gurus will tell you things like the above which are a wrong big give away they are not good or smart at it. Here is the real crypto master they normally don't run a Youtube channel or call themselves a crypto investor they will own big amount of crypto such as like 10% of a shitcoin or so you will not know there name they will only say what they do to family members or close friends in most cases such as one of my mates is  a crytpo this person has no youtube channel or crypto website but has made so many millions so far from it all. When  it comes to chart data beware a lot of these people will steal it from Google or websites or even pay other crypto investors money to use their charts how

Are NFT a scam or not?

 Do all of them exist on the blockchain or blockchain system as many people claim? The answer would be not for quite a lot of them in reality are just a image you but of someone website which has no server or website in any relationship to the Blockchain techn so what does this mean from a tech viewpoint? IT means if their website goes offline or they delete you lost all your money I doubt much would happen if you tried to sue them since all they have to do is do a runner or delete there business profile then no way to find them often. A lot of Blockchain can be download for free by just  copy and pasted I a watched a video of a man downloading all the NFT himself so now in theory he owns all the NFT in the world does that sound secure or a good idea to you investment wise? The answer should be no does it make sense for someone to buy a image from like $5 to max of $50 on Fiverr then try and it sell it for l

Why not to use Crypto Gurus for advice much?

 Many will promote some kind of crypto but never often admit or tell you they got paid money for doing it such as like $10,000 plus some free coins from it to try and get them to promote it so you buy unfair it's rubbish Even a small influencer can get paid like $250 to like $1000 to promote just one currency so be aware if someone calls themself a Crypto Expert or currency master who if you can do research and check their wallet it does not contain much of the currency they promote it's fairly likely not something you should invest in unless you are willing to lose big money overall.  Many of these people have no investment knowledge outside  of big a son or daughter of someone very rich is normally connected to it or they had no serious work to become knowledge about it does not help much as well. The real Crypto Whales don't promote themselves or run channels in most cases claiming

Unityfund Scam

  100 Strong Marketing team was not true it was always bs by the founder two I believe from England and another scammer from UAE who stole code from Mooncoin for where the code came from but the Arab guy would pretend he turns Caffeine into code going by he just steals maybe don't take caffeine and do some work instead? When it was started people move from a site  called Blackhatworld or BHW as it's known in the SEO community but be aware it was not founded or supported by the website  the people came from overall after that they moved with Sam Lewis into forming a group on Discord with most people having no idea what was going on. In the group  someone would tell you to do one thing such as answer quora questions then do Facebook or something else meaning what you were meant to do was like being a rollercoaster which never stopped for how things worked in the group . A lot of people left the team over the terrible management