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Are NFT a scam or not?

 Do all of them exist on the blockchain or blockchain system as many people claim?

Shows NFT sort of example of like graphic coloured of bricks designed together

The answer would be not for quite a lot of them in reality are just a image you but of someone website which has no server or website in any relationship to the Blockchain techn so what does this mean from a tech viewpoint?

IT means if their website goes offline or they delete you lost all your money I doubt much would happen if you tried to sue them since all they have to do is do a runner or delete there business profile then no way to find them often.

A lot of Blockchain can be download for free by just  copy and pasted I a watched a video of a man downloading all the NFT himself so now in theory he owns all the NFT in the world does that sound secure or a good idea to you investment wise?

The answer should be no does it make sense for someone to buy a image from like $5 to max of $50 on Fiverr then try and it sell it for like $100 to like $20,000 why not just buy it on Fiverr for it's real value instead?

A lot of people have the idea you know it's like real art it's not if someone can copy and paste it then get it themselves why buy it does that not sound stupid investment-wise to you ?

A lot of people are promoting it as like special important thing but in reality it's just to me a pointless investment overall for how to make money and I suspect most people will lose all their money who bought it but the NFT creators will often make big money themselves


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