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Can investing right allow you to buy real Estate?

Yes, let me explain why when it comes to using crypto you can do it two main ways buy into stable crypto like Bitcoin or Eth both of these values should stay fairly high if you were to buy this year for most of the time so you would buy them at the current values of Bitcoin be around $21,000 with Eth on around $1500 meaning if you keep hold of them for like 2 to 5 years of them when they go up to like $30,000 and $5000 that should allow you to have enough to buy a property in a one of payment probably quite easy as long as you don’t have big debt already or other high expenses to pay every year or month a like.

When you get the crypto value of between $100,000 to $200,000 time to buy a property would be a good idea whether you want a flat or small house or something else you can decide that yourself if you are doing this as a way to rent it out for some reason then make sure it’s a popular or attractive area so getting tennant can be done quite fast as whole if you want to sell the property, later on, make sure it is properly a lot of people would like such as buying a home which has strong Starwars feel to it would only be attractive to big fan of these movies or TV shows or videogames meaning like 1% of the population may want to buy this so not be a good idea to buy this unless you  already have lots of Starwars friends or workers overall.

You want to buy a property in safe  or interesting area but not a place that is to expensive since if  you get a property for like $1million you will probably struggle to sell since a lot of more expensive homes often get a lot less money than they paid for it because not to many people around the world can easy afford them .

The Shitcoin version of this done is like this you pay like $1000 worth in a good or real crypto where you can buy it all for like $0.00001 you hold onto this for like 5 years when you do it’s now worth say $100,000 once that is done you can possibly be able to buy a flat or if you own like 20 others where you invested into the same amount and got the same sort of money back  then you may have like $1million so you decide to buy mason sized home which can be good idea for some people but like all things, not easy shitcoin will turn into stable coin or make it worth you investing a lot of the ones made today are not made for long term success or short term success just to help the founders make quick easy money by selling a more less worth currency so be aware of that if you ever go down the shitcoin route for crypto investment purposes.

Whales can often make the value go up or down so if possible try and look for signs of whale if someone buys like full 20% of the currency which is often done by them to try and make the currency seem more important than it is when it goes up if that happens by like say 1000 you could sell it then get a quick win of like say $2000 which then you could invest into another shitcoin or stable coin instead if you prefer that idea to make short term money instead of long term money to help pay of debts or costs you may have at the moment.


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