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How Binance Coin can be the best trading choice for you!

What is a Binance Coin?

Binance Coin, or BNB, is the official cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange. It was launched in 2017 to power all of the transactions on the platform, and it has many great features to help you with your trading goals. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to use your BNB to trade on Binance in order to realize its full value and save yourself some money along the way!

It is developed on Ethereum's blockchain. In the latest polls, Binance ranks as the world's second-largest cryptocurrency exchange. The work of this team is so promising that there are some analysts who are speculating that Binance has the opportunity to overtake any given world stock exchange in the near future.

History of Binance Coin?

It was established in 2017 by Roger Wang and Changpeng Zhao. Yi He became a member of the team in August 2017 and co-founded OKcoin in 2013. The ability of her company to grow technology products makes her famous. This cryptocurrency coin is an extension of, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the whole world.

A launchpad was added to Binance's crypto investment platform to offer lottery tickets that would allow users to invest in new, Binance-selected crypto projects. How Binance Coin can be the best trading/exchange for you!

Binance Coin, or BNB, is the official cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange. It was launched in 2017 to power all of the transactions on the platform, and it has many great features to help you with your trading goals. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to use your BNB to trade on Binance in order to realize its full value and save yourself some money along the way!

It was built using the Ethereum blockchain. You can use Binance Coins on the Binance Exchange to pay fees. Binance is the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange at the time of this writing, and analysts have speculated that it has a good chance to one day surpass even the first-largest crypto exchange.

How the Binance Coin Exchange Works

Anyone visiting Binance for the first time will quickly realize that it offers two types of trading- basic or advanced.  The basic exchange is exactly what it sounds like, while the advanced mode gives users more control over their trades and allows them to set orders, manage risk, and use limit and market orders. The latter is where most people start when they begin to trade cryptocurrency because it’s so easy to use. It also helps that if your order executes successfully, you get a 50% discount on your transaction fees which makes things even easier on your wallet. If you want to buy Binance coin (BNB) then there are plenty of places where you can do just that, but some exchanges offer more features than others in terms of security and privacy which makes choosing one a bit difficult at times.

What Are the Advantages of Binance Coins?

There are a number of advantages of Binance Coin (BNB), which are outlined in detail below:

Intuitive User Interface

Binance has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to trade, exchange, or buy. The platform is simple and it is used as a medium of value between parties, thereby charging lower fees. It is a token that has some similarities with stock as it enables owners to receive dividends from its profits in the future. This is all traded on their own blockchain and is used for the exchange of goods and services within their platform.



Worldwide Availability

Binance is available worldwide in the most popular countries and states. There are two types of currencies- cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Your funds can be easily transferred to a wallet or account on their exchange platform with minimal transaction fees.

Low Fees Rate

Binance coins are one of their native coins and it is used to pay fees on their platform. It has a low transaction fee of 0.1% compared to other exchange platforms that charge more than 1% per transaction. Binance transactions are also instant, making it easier and faster for traders to cash out funds between exchanges or wallets. It only takes 5 seconds after a request is made until your money has been transferred.

Multilingual Platform

As a result of its broad reach and potential, Binance coins are available worldwide and have wallets available in 13 languages, from English to Russian to Chinese. The token has a market cap in excess of $2.1B (as of 11 March 2018) making it one of, if not The largest cryptocurrency exchange tokens in existence. While still not as popular as Bitcoin or Ether, adoption is growing steadily with a very high volume on Binance’s exchange.

Simple & Fast Process

Like any other cryptocurrency, Binance is a transferable coin. Not only that it is also available worldwide and has a very simple process of transferring bnb coins from one wallet to another. Through its faster transfers, it is clearly a cheaper option as well compared to bitcoin transactions. The number of coin transactions completed in 2018 saw 3 times increase with over $50 million transacted through all its wallets.

Rising User Base

Another great reason to buy Binance coins is that it has a large user base. If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency, then it’s good practice to invest in something that has a lot of users and high circulation. This will ensure that your investment is likely to rise in value as time goes by.

What are the Drawbacks of Binance coins?

Like any other cryptocurrencies, binance coins also have some disadvantages, Like-

Many cryptocurrencies can be traded in decimals, making them much more user-friendly than traditional crypto coins. However, with Binance, prices are shown in whole numbers and decimals aren't displayed. This makes it ideal for investing but less so for day-to-day purchases or transfers.

If there’s one thing all traders should know about Binance coin, it’s that Binance does not offer users a wallet service of its own. Instead, Binance relies on third-party services like Trust Wallet to handle its customers’ coins


What Will Be the Future of Binance Coins?

Binance is famous for the variety of cryptocurrencies available on the platform, including support for many more coins than any other exchange. The company also offers a large number of features that make it one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in existence. As a result, it has become one of the top-performing altcoins in recent months and continues to grow in popularity and value as time goes on.

Since Binance Coins run on Ethereum Blockchain, stability is part of BNB's DNA. In the past few months, its price has tripled, making it one of the hottest assets in the market. The future looks bright for BNB and those who have invested in it. Many predict that it will become a mainstream cryptocurrency with a $100 billion dollar market cap soon enough. And when that happens, your investment will pay off handsomely.

Price Predictions of Binance Coin:


Maximum Price

Minimum Price




























A Final Verdict

As a whole, when you take everything into consideration, it can be seen that the benefits of using Binance more than compensate for any potential negatives. Compared to other options, these downsides are less troublesome. What's noteworthy about the exchange is the combination of a lower fee with the experienced team's proven knowledge of how to build a trading platform. All in all, it’s worth keeping an eye on what Binance does next as there’s no doubt that they’ll continue to grow and develop over time.





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