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Should I create my own Cryptocurrency?

 The main mistakes people make be this

  1. Lack of money to invest
  2. Not understand marketing
  3. Not understand enough about crypto
  4. Wrong plans
Virtual currency of Bitcoin but with Silver colour for the coin and dark blue programmer style background

To promote even a low even shitcoin you need $100,000 as like a minimum to have any chance of making it become any level of sort of mini success most of the time such as I knew someone with $10,000 try it and fail bad over lack of money you need money to pay Instagram or Crypto celebrity like $500 at the minimum to max of like $20,000 meaning if you want to pay for  them to promote it you need a good amount of money to do it market brand wise you could do it with PPC as well which could be done cheaper but take longer to make it become successful around 2 to 5 years unless you get likely.

You could do it SEO route which would then take like 2 to 20 years depending a large amount of the work you put in and also the money you are willing to invest into the site or social medial profiles.

Marketing is big thing people get wrong many people just think you keep  talking about it then someone think it's cool or important which often fails for newer crypto because of people lacking the knowledge the crypto exists since not enough people talk about it overall.

A crypto needs a strong social medial preference such as lots of Facebook or Instagram or Reddit or Youtube videos covering it that alone is needed in order for it to turn from shitcoin into stablecoin it also takes a lot of work which a lot of people may not have time to do it such you would need a minimum of 10 people working on at least 40 years doing work for the site for it become popular if you can only work like 2 hours per week or month then it will probably never become a stable currency in most cases.

Crypto is ever-changing business or currency meaning what you know today could be wrong by tomorrow and the software running them is always getting better as well means if you start crypto using like 5 years out of date codes into your crypto you may find it fails because of that or you forced to pay someone else to upgrade how it works which can become very complex and confusing overall.

Many people plan short term they plan to make it big within a short period of  time within 1 year which for many people that is impossible to be true unless you are famous and real successful celebrity or you have big money to promote things or great connections.


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