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Gamecash ico

 Gamecash is a  old crypto that never made it past the shitcoin stages not to much information exists about it online bit I think it could had maybe being made better it would have allowed people to get paid money by them playing games online which is now a more popular thing with  some people getting full time income from simply playing games so if it was marketed better it could have turned into a successful crypto like the best Crypto of Bitcoin but not to much information can be found so it could have just being a shitcoin which was designed to fail possible overall.  Telegram Value now be  $0.0001987

Telegram networking

  Networking on Telegram can be good way to find whales since a lot of them hangout on Telegram since it's a secure and private way to buy or sell overall. Telegram groups can allow you to exchange information with other crypto people or also join Telegram groups to learn new things or just do general research when it comes to investing crypto or other kinds it's always a good idea to do research on a very regular basic overall. gamecash

Web 3.0 purposes

  Unstoppable  the idea behind  Web 3.0 is to make things more secure for your data wise such as Big firms like Google,Apple,Microsoft,Facebook know everything you do more less online or in real life buy them always buying your data or getting it one way or another overall. This has resulted in many people being worried about what data firms hold on them for why the idea behind Web 3.0 came up so now your data is secure and controlled purely by you plus it's on the Blockchain so no one can shutdown your ideas or services overall. A Tradional Doman where you provide DNS to make it run means you can be found by your name or email address or address meaning it's mot secure and also you have to keep paying like rent cost every year if you just own one domain not much of a problem but when you start to own 10 or more domains the costs can rocket up fast so the idea behind Crypto or web 3.0 just requiring you pay once for like $20 to $50 is very reasonable to me such as firms likes G

Ethereum (ETH) Number 2 to Bitcoin

 The currency is for now officially like number 2 for it's value or popular when compared to like Bitcoin it's market value would be £158Billion so very high overall. It is both a cryptocurrency and Blockchain system it is a favorite of the programmers of the world and you can use it for quite a lot of different things such as like NFT if you are into that . The coin value went from £8  in April 2016 to  September 2022 up to like £1300 at the moment meaning it's going to become possibly near Bitcoin value in the near future for why some people are trying to buy into this stable currency to make sure when it's value goes up to like £20,0000 or possibly more so turn many future millionaires from the people who manage to invest into this now or in the near future. Crypto is very much a ever-changing system or game meaning what could work today for this currency could not work tomorrow so if you want to jump into this cryp

Crypto bots

 Are these a good or bad idea? The good parts first of all include it can allow you to buy and sell crypto automatic meaning instead of you reading the data every day of the week to watch what's going on the bot should be sent if coded right the data into it so it makes the right buying or selling decision as much as possible for example if the crypto you buy at $20 that means if it goes down to $15 it should not sell it but if it goes up to like $25 then it could sell it  for you then when it does down ahead it rebuys some then resell it when it gets higher again The idea of this is to allow people money buy just using bot which does all the work for you and so you don't have to pay someone a lot of money to manage it all for you plus your bot can't go to sleep meaning it is will not after 16 hours work need to sleep it can work 24/7 for why these became popular in some places so far.


  Why is using this from your app or computer a good idea overall? IT is overall very decent security system behind it all so if you  use it should  not be able to get hacked easy but be aware you need to keep your phone secure as well so if possible have a spare phone just for use with Metamask which you keep locked in somewhere secure like a physical safe in some cases. The point of this is basically the online version of how debit or credit card works instead of buying things in the traditional sense you buy and sell crypto using this software overall never had any complaints or issues with it so far since it runs very smoothly overall and keep all your details for it as secure as possible such as not online records when possible case your system gets hacked try and think about this like how serious you should take protecting your physical cash with regards to using this long term.

Fake Gurus

 Some good  ways to identify a fake guru? I found a once in lifetime crypto This has made me millions Discover my secrect want to get rich today? Learn from a pro Guy looks like a virgin or a child Shows you a fake chart or data Many of the fake gurus will tell you things like the above which are a wrong big give away they are not good or smart at it. Here is the real crypto master they normally don't run a Youtube channel or call themselves a crypto investor they will own big amount of crypto such as like 10% of a shitcoin or so you will not know there name they will only say what they do to family members or close friends in most cases such as one of my mates is  a crytpo this person has no youtube channel or crypto website but has made so many millions so far from it all. When  it comes to chart data beware a lot of these people will steal it from Google or websites or even pay other crypto investors money to use their charts how