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What type of intellectual property rights are associated with NFTs and Cryptos?

2. Who owns what IP rights when an investor acquire NFTs and Cryptos? 3. What rights do investors actually acquire when buying NFTs and Cryptos? 4. What rights can be passed on to secondary buyers / beneficiaries / successors?   In general no laws exist in regards to crypto or NFT since it’s still new tech as a whole  NFT as well under the current things going value as a whole are more less gone over it being shown to be mostly a get rich schem for example Logon Paul lost most of his money from it and also as well he was shown had copied other people images then sold it as NFT as well. A lot of so called NFT are just hyperlinks and not on Blockchain as many people claim for example a programmer this year coped all all the NFT in the world before to prove they have as a whole no value also as well even if the NFT were on the so called Blockchain if it stops working then all your money gone basically. All you get for prove for IP is just at best document which claims you own when if this

NFT Future?

 I always surprised how many people were dumb enough to invest into something which a lot of it was just resold Fiverr images where they were bought for like $5 to max of $100 then resold for like $1000 or more it always sounds stupid to me for something you can easy copy and paste then you own it even the science b behind it over it being on the blockchain was proved by a expert not to be true in a lot of cases you are just buying a hyperlink at best meaning if someone deletes this or turns of there server you have nothing left a basically worth graphic with a lot of the NFT being sold by Logan Poll just being images he stole from people for some of the stuff I caught the stupid blonde selling some of the time. NFT sound cool in reality they are a scam at best or  get rich quick scheme at best if you want into the future then buy and sell into Crypto real stable coins like say Bitcoin or possible  Apecoin among other possible future stable coins or go with ETH which is priced quite de

How Binance Coin can be the best trading choice for you!

What is a Binance Coin? Binance Coin, or BNB, is the official cryptocurrency of the Binance exchange. It was launched in 2017 to power all of the transactions on the platform, and it has many great features to help you with your trading goals. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to use your BNB to trade on Binance in order to realize its full value and save yourself some money along the way! It is developed on Ethereum's blockchain. In the latest polls, Binance ranks as the world's second-largest cryptocurrency exchange. The work of this team is so promising that there are some analysts who are speculating that Binance has the opportunity to overtake any given world stock exchange in the near future. History of Binance Coin? It was established in 2017 by Roger Wang and Changpeng Zhao. Yi He became a member of the team in August 2017 and co-founded OKcoin in 2013. The ability of her company to grow technology products makes her famous. This cryptocurrency coin is an extension of Bi

Algorand defi information

  Some people believe will turn out to be the best Altcoin to invest in with it's value being pretty good so far and pretty near to a good amount of like $1 then go into possibly later on like $20 then maybe if anything good happens turn into the next bitcoin possibly it also has an impressive team behind it such as the boomer founder behind the firm is trained  at Maths which a lot of  people sometimes forget maths is connected to crypto in some ways not a great deal but a lot of it  connected the science behind maths or crytpo which are important things to understand fo you to be able to invest well as a whole for me going to invest a max of like $50 to see if it can make me richer later on for why I am not going to high incase I am wrong and I don't want to lose $1000 worth of money for now unless I am sure it will turn into a good coin later on for why now I am still deciding about this as a whole.

Safemoon Review

 Let's do some basic research into this firm or main guy before this guy became like founder or owner of the firm he used to live in van for free because he could not afford his own flat or house that alone should raise a bit of alarm bells since Crypto success people normally start with at least like $1million and him going from poverty to so many millions in like 2 months makes no sense. His parents came from a family with lots of business in Gambia that alone sounds a bit risky to me and he had business or connections himself there which seems to be a big part of where his family money came from. He also inflated the value to make it more attractive than it is for why it's under Class action lawsuit at the moment  by failing to register token which they never did . Celebrities who promoted it are facing legal trouble.

litecoin info

   Was inspired by Bitcoin and was one of the first altcoins to be made in  2011 but it is made on a more advanced software called  Script than Bitcoin runs  on. Shares a similar codebase to bitcoin. at the moment it is worth around $45 with some people believing by the end of 2022 it's value per coin will be worth $100 which if it does happen could mean some people who invest into this currency could become richer or make a decent profit from it all which maybe a good idea for some of you people to get involved in but like all investments you should be able willing to accept it could go wrong so if you can't handle losing the money don't invest into this crypto or anymore until you handle the possible of losing all your money from it going wrong by outside effects which can happen to virtual currency some of the cases in the world overall and remember always new altcoins or shitcoins will be created which could, in theory, turn into the next Bitcoin in possible cases.  htt

Radar Software review

 The point of the software is like a powerful management system to watch the price of stock or crypto or other software you use instead of you like logging into say 100 accounts you just connect your crypto details which then it will tell you the price of it all the time this can make buying and selling of crypto or NFT more easy and it overall loads very  fast even on a older laptop I have which is like 6 years old it still loads very fast you can buy it of appsumo still if you want it can allow you to see the prices fast which is something that get hard or  complex in regards to most of use working more hours per day than everytime in human history more less so having a fast way to check the details out is a good way. I normally have crypt,share prices and information for SEO work showing up when I use this software, and for $20 for me it's steal of a price if you want it you can use it on Windows or other operation systems as well or if you want run it on on